Privacy & Consumer Data…

In short, we have the utmost respect for the privacy of your data and will abide by all rules within The Privacy Laws of Australia and global best practice on privacy as far as reasonably possible. We sincerely have every intention to do the right thing and any concerns brought to our attention will receive an immediate response. In detail, the data we collect and the way it is used is as follows. We collect your email address for the purposes of communicating with you on your orders, but we will never share that data or sell it to third parties, under any circumstances. We collect your physical address details for the purpose of payments and shipping, and whilst we do share that information with our logistics partners it will be used solely for that purpose and will not be shared or sold to any other third parties under any circumstances.

Delivery & Logistics…

Our products are manufactured in China, and warehoused in Hong Kong, until they are shipped to you. We charge a flat global rate of USD $10.00 per package for all international orders. The logistics of our shipping is that packages are sent out of Hong Kong, by Registered Air Mail, and generally take 6-10 working days to deliver to Europe, Australia & New Zealand; US and Canada may take up to 15 days and other parts of the world up to 20. We will advise via email when an order and payment is successful and we will send another email when a package has been dispatched. Delivery is absolutely guaranteed and you can follow up on an order by emailing us your unique Order ID and we encourage you to do so if your order takes a long time. Please note all prices exclude local taxes and charges; please check you local taxes and charges before you make a purchase.

Returned Merchandise…

Our products are manufatured to a high standard and, subject to applicable law, we do not generally offer refunds. Please review your purchase orders before sumbmitting them. However, we are entirely open to discussion and should you feel the product you receive is sub standard or not fit for purpose you should contact us directly to discuss the issue. Do not mail the product back to us until you have contacted us directly, wherein we will discuss what action needs to be taken by both Squiddies and yourself. In short, we believe our products are great fun and of high quality, but we want you to be happy with your purchases, so do get in touch.

Security Capabilities…

Our website checkout process utilises an SSL certificate provided by GeoTrust DV SSL CA. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (and we use the latest version 3.0) which, in simple terms, means that the transmission of your credit card data is encrpyted to a high standard as it is transmitted to our payment gateway. We use an ANZ eGate payment gateway to handle the transaction with your credit card supplier. ANZ is an Australian bank that operates to the highest international standards. We do not store any of your credit card information, it is encrypted and passed to our partners who take care of the transaction and simply advise of success or failure. We take security very seriously, we use high quality third parties, and don’t take the risk on ourselves. This is in everyone’s best interests.

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