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squiddies flip reel on the wharf squiddies flip reel on the wharf

A Modern Take On The Ancient Art Of Hand Line Fishing.

Flip Reel by Squiddies is a modern take on the ancient art of hand line fishing. A hand line gets you up close and personal with the fish you’re trying to catch. Flip Reel makes it safe and easy for you and the kids to enjoy the thrill of catching fish without the hassle of expensive or complicated kit.

Bold colours for bold adventurers. The reel packs down to half its size, perfect to stow in your car or boat and small enough to throw in a back pack for a hike, or fish from a kayak. Pack the tackle away to protect your fingers, the kids, and the things in your bag from the hook, line and sinker.

Tackle by Squiddies clip onto the pre loaded line and you’re fishing in under a minute. The reels are made from UV stable materials and built to last. Inspired by our love for fun and outdoor sun, Squiddies products create the experiences that memories are made from. Feel every bite, feel the excitement.

The Features…

  1. flip reel patented bell
    1. Feel Every Bite

    A renaissance in hand line fishing, gives you the most direct contact with the fish you’re trying to catch so you feel the experience.

  2. flip reel ergonomic handle
    2. Ergonomic Handle

    Ergonomically designed grip gives you comfort and control for the times you have the big one on the line. Reel ’em in with comfort.

  3. flip reel hook line and sinker storage
    3. Clever Storage

    Clever storage for hook, line & sinker. Deep wells mean no hooks catch fingers when the Flip Reel is packed away.

  4. flip reel compact and portable
    4. Compact & Portable

    The patented folding bell is half its size when you pack it up. Flip the bell and you’re ready to go as fast as you packed up.

  5. flip reel line cutter built in
    5. Line Cutter Built In

    A line cutter is built into the grip, so you have a great tool at your fingertips. No need for extra tools, no need for three hands.

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USD $19.99

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The Features…

  1. Hand Line “Feel Every Bite” Fishing
  2. Ergonomically Designed Soft Grip
  3. Clever Hook, Line & Sinker Storage
  4. Compact & Portable
  5. Line Cutter Built In
  6. Tackle #1 Bundled Free

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USD $19.99

Out of Stock
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Global Distribution Partners.

Squiddies manufacturing and distribution is centralised in Hong Kong, servicing purchases from this website. But with stock on the ground, Squiddies growing partnership of local distributors means cheaper shipping costs and faster delivery. If you are in North America, or Australia and New Zealand, these preferred distributors are for you.

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North America (US & Canada)

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Australia & New Zealand

Partner: Snowgum Australia


Flip Reel Tackle.

You’re going to need a hook. Flip Reel comes loaded with a generous 165ft of 17lb line (50m of 8kg line) for deep fishing, here’s the lowdown on our three high quality tackle sets. Tackle #1 bundled FREE with every Flip Reel.

Tackle #1

“Tackle #1 Small Hook.”
tackle-1-small-hook tackle-1-recipe-ideas tackle-1-close-up

USD $4.99

Tackle #2

“Tackle #1 Medium Hook.”
tackle-2-medium-hook tackle-2-recipe-ideas tackle-2-close-up

USD $4.99

Tackle #3

“Tackle #3 Squid Lure.”
tackle-3-squid-lure tackle-3-recipe-ideas tackle-3-close-up

USD $6.99

Squiddies Philosophy.

Can you remember… the feeling you get when you close your eyes because the sun is shining on your face? When the prospect of fun and adventure beckons? Those moments where friends and family come together to laugh and play? We can.

Inspired by our love for fun in the outdoors, Squiddies’ focus is on creating fun and useful products that fit into the experiences that memories are made from. Real world experiences. Where the ocean meets the land. Fun without the “on” switch.

Squiddies is creating new and amazing products that deliver easy ways to enjoy whatever adventure you decide to take. No matter how easy or extreme you decide to be. Squiddies is a part of catching the moment, and giving it back to you and your kids and your friends.

We believe it’s time things made a difference; real things that make you smile. High quality and clever products that add to your memorable adventures. A resurgence of good old fashioned fun, delivered using state of the art design and technology.


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